Pro Shop

Spare Me Pro Shop is your home for all of your bowling needs!

Our Pro Shop is run by Bryan Tyler. He is a great asset to our Pro Shop and bowling center.

They have bowling balls, bowling bags, bowling shoes and bowling accessories and they can help you with your plug and re-drilling and resurfacing needs.

Pro Shop Pricing

Bowling Balls

Shop a large selection of bowling balls from Storm, Roto-Grip, Columbia 300, Ebonite, Hammer & Motiv (All Brands Made in the USA). We keep balls in stock; or they are available for order. Balls range from 8 lbs. to 16 lbs. for bowlers of all ages. We have plastic, urethane, and reactive resin balls to choose from. Bowling balls are custom fitted and drilled for you. Call (772) 299- PINS (7467) for more details.

Bowling Bags

Our inventory features carry bags as well as wheeled bags. Choose from single, double, triple and 4-ball bags. We have some in stock but additional styles and colors can be ordered when requested. Call (772) 299- PINS (7467) for more details.

Bowling Shoes

We carry Dexter and Brunswick shoes in the Vero Bowl Pro Shop.  Styles and colors can be ordered and can be processed in 1 to 2 business days. We have bowling shoes for all ages to meet your budget and your experience level.
Call (772) 299- PINS (7467) for more details.

Bowling Accessories

To make sure you have all the bowling accessories you need; including gloves, shoe covers, ball cleaners, tape, rosin bags and plain and labeled towels, our accessories are kept in stock and available for purchase. We also have a bowing accessories vending machine for those times the pro-shop is closed. Bowling accessories make great gifts for bowlers. Call (772) 299- PINS (7467) for more details.

Plug & Re-drilling Services

We can plug existing holes and re-drill them in a different spot so they fit you better. This is often done for used balls or when you have a ball that was drilled originally for a left-handed bowler and needs to be drilled for a right-handed bowler. You can expect one-day turnaround time for ball plugging and re-drilling. We also do finger grips and thumb inserts, as well as interchangeable thumb inserts. Call (772) 299- PINS (7467) for more details.

Resurfacing Services

Keep your bowling ball looking nice and functioning well with ball resurfacing or our new DETOX Ball Cleaning Machine, which brings the ball back to its original factory finish. Call (772) 299- PINS (7467) for more details.